2007 Vermont Summer Festival Champions

$10,000 Open Jumper
High Score Awards
sponsored by Sir Ruly, Inc.
$10,000 Green & Regular Working
Hunter High Score Awards
sponsored by Ariat Int'l Inc.
$10,000 Canadian Circuit Awards
Jimmy Torano
Hillary Dobbs
Sharn Wordley


Elizabeth Pandich
Shachine Belle
Mary Lisa Leffler
Tatiana Dzavik
Angela Covert-Lawrence

Paul Halpern
Tatiana Dzavik


2007 Vemont Summer Festival Circuit Champions

Small Pony Hunter Hillcrest Blue Snip Ashley Foster
Short Stirrup Hunter Asgard Mercury Brianne Link
Short Stirrup Equitation Asgard Mercury Brianne Link
Schooling Hunter Stiletto Laurie Cerullo
Regular Working Hunter Oxford Angela Covert-Lawrence
Pre-Green Hunter (tie) Bright Side Sarah Benach/Tiffany Cornacchio
Chelsea Kim Zindel
Novice Equitation McSteamy Jessica Ungerer
Modified Junior Amateur Hunter Calimero Holly Jochum/Chase Boggio
Modified Child Hunter Asgard Mercury Brianne Link
Modified Adult Hunter Varena Susan Smith
Medium Pony Hunter Brighton Undeniably Colby Wood
Maiden Equitation (tie) First Frost Nina Tedesco
Short Stop Samantha Sorbaro
Large Pony Hunter Meant To Be Lexi Selldorff
Low Hunter Vincent Beverly Rohrbaugh/Jill Shull
Limit Equitation Better in Blue Carly Hoorwitz
Level 6 Jumper Ingaletta Joe Fargis
Level 5 Jumper Toulouse Michael Kennedy
Level 4 Jumper Revelation Gwen Goodwin
Level 3 Jumper Ulex Jessica Tuck
Level 2 Jumper Jensen Mary Lisa Leffler
Small Junior Hunter 16 -17 Hepburn Tatiana Dzavik
Large Junior Hunter 16 -17 Take Away Cortie Wetherill
Small Junior Hunter 15 & under Jade Amber Henter
Large Junior Hunter 15 & under Kudos! Amber Henter
Junior Amateur Owner Jumper High My Fair Lady Alexandra Arute
Junior Amateur Owner Jumper Low Denmark Amelia Rogers
Novice Adult Hunter God Bless Robyn Cloyes
Green Working Hunter - 1st Year Kudos! Amber Henter/Shachine Belle
Green Working Hunter - 2nd Year Sam Adams Kevin Foster/ Mary Lisa Leffler
Small/Medium Green Pony Peter Pan Laura Douglas
Large Green Pony Lifeline Samantha Schaefer
Green Conformation Hunter Grand Marshall Elizabeth Pandich
Children's Jumpers High (tie) Gallant De Saintiho Alexandra Lolavan
Ve Y Ve Juerguista Erica Kahn Farrell
Children's Hunter Pony Long Acre's Trade Mark Leah DiMartini
Children's Hunter 14 - 17 Tuxedo Park Erin Bair
Children's 13 & under Hunter Milo Lissa Bachner / Phebe Jenkins
Baby Green Hunter All The Stars Dudley MacFarlane/James Toon
Amateur Owner 36+ Lothario Gerald Camera
Amateur Owner 18 - 35 Maddox Lissa Bachner
Adult Amateur Jumpers Abbey Road Marilyn Bennett
Adult Amateur 46 & over Hunter Authentic Dudley Macfarlane
Adult Amateur 36 - 45 Hunter Good Point Nancy Hooker
Adult Amateur 18 - 35 Hunter Kindred Spirit Alesandra Perna
USEF Talent Search High Score ----- Sarah Green
Restricted Childrens Hunter Santori Brianna Liebsch
Long Stirrup Perchance To Dream Edward Morkis
Child Jumper Low Clement Samantha Drago
Adult Amateur Equitation 18 - 35 Deno Amy Warnock
Adult Amateur Equitation 36 - 45 Terra Tradicion Eugenie Warner
Adult Amateur Equitation 46+ Anticipation Marsha Dammerman
Adult Amateur Jumper Low Mombasa Caitlin Darnell
Equitation 11 & under Dutch Treat Colby Wood
Equitation 12 - 14 Boston Irish Elizabeth Grathwohl
Equitation 15 - 17 Avontuur Laura Parker/Danielle Kaidnow