2017 Vermont Summer Festival Circuit Champions

Circuit Champions will be presented the final week of the 2017 Vermont Summer Festival.  In addition to the divisions listed below, the $10,000 Sir Ruly Open Jumper Circuit Awards will be presented to the top three Open Jumpers.

Novice Adult Hunter      
Restricted Children's Hunter      
Pre-Green Pony      
Green Working Hunter      
Green Conformation Hunter      
Regular Conformation Hunter      
Schooling Hunter      
High Performance Hunter      
3'3" Performance Working Hunter      
3'6" Performance Working Hunter      
Baby Green Hunter      
Low Hunter      
3' Pre-Green Hunter      
3'3" Pre-Green Hunter      
TAKE2 Thoroughbred Hunter      
Small Junior Hunter      
Large Junior Hunter      
3'3" Junior Hunter      
Modified Children's Hunter      
Modified Adult Hunter      
Adult Amateur Hunter 18 - 35      
Adult Amateur Hunter 36 - 49      
Adult Amateur Hunter 50 & over      
Short Stirrup Hunter      
Long Stirrup Hunter      
3'3" Amateur-Owner Hunter 18 - 35      
3'3" Amateur-Owner Hunter 36+      
Amateur-Owner 18 - 35      
Amateur-Owner 36 & over      
Green Pony      
Small Pony Hunter      
Medium Pony Hunter      
Large Pony Hunter      
Children's Hunter 14 & under      
Children's Hunter 15 - 17      
Children's Hunter Pony Sm/Med      
Children's Hunter Pony Large      
Maiden Equitation      
Novice Equitation      
Limit Equitation      
Short Stirrup Equitation      
0.90 m Jumper      
1.00 m Jumper      
1.10 m Jumper      
1.15 m Jumper      
1.20 m Jumper      
1.30 m Jumper      
Children's Jumper Low      
Adult Amateur Jumper Low      
Children's Jumpers High      
Adult Amateur Jumper High      
Junior/Amateur-­Owner Jumper Low      
Junior/Amateur-­Owner Jumper High      
TAKE2 Thoroughbred Jumper